A lack of Internet of things (IoT) experts has businesses worried

A recent report highlights that more than two-thirds of businesses are struggling to recruit internet of things (IoT) experts.

The rise of the internet of things (IoT) has been at the forefront of all things tech in recent years, however, more than two-thirds of businesses say they are struggling to recruit experts in this sector. These finding come from a recent report from Canonical, the makers of the IoT OS Ubuntu Core.

According to analysis from the McKinsey Global Institute, the potential economic impact of the IoT in 2025, including consumer surplus, could be anything between $3.9 and $11.1 trillion. Internet of things is here to stay but a shortage of talent in the industry could really hold it back.

68% of the 360 IoT professionals, developers and vendors who responded to the survey said that it is difficult to find employees with the skills and experience necessary to make the IoT a success.

Mike Bell, EVP, of IoT and devices at Canonical, said of the findings, “When it comes to the internet of things, the business community is still overcoming a significant skills gap. Many businesses are concerned by their own lack of knowledge and skills within the IoT market and many business leaders are finding themselves running head first into a set of technology and business challenges that they do not yet fully understand.

“Businesses need to realise that working in IoT should not require such an extensive variety of skills. What is needed, instead, is a simplification of the technologies behind IoT.

“Above all, businesses must be agile when it comes to deciding on the ‘right’ people, skills and team to take them forward. What is decided upon today, is unlikely to remain the same in even one or two years, so constantly evaluating what change is needed and being able to execute this quickly is a must.”

The security of the Internet of things has been a big concern for many industry experts recently. Only this month, researchers from Belgian university KU Leuven said that a security flaw in protected Wi-Fi networks could be exploited, allowing hackers to steal sensitive information including credit card numbers and passwords. The internet of things is growing and with that grows the need for talented people in its field. It has the potential to be a fantastic industry to train in or move into for IT professionals.

The report also found that embedded software development (71%), IT security (68%) and embedded electronics (64%) were listed as the most important skillsets to source. Furthermore, robotics (21%), AI (40%) and cloud management (44%) were found to be the least-required skills listed.

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