A third of IT workers will seek out new job opportunities in 2018

According to a recent report a third of IT workers will seek out new job opportunities in 2018.

A recent report from Spiceworks, the professional network for the IT industry has revealed the predicted number of workers who will be seeking a new job opportunity in 2018. It’s typical for professionals in any industry to want to seek new opportunities come the New Year but the fact that one third of respondents to this survey expressed that they will seek out new opportunities should concern business owners in the IT industry.

So, why aren’t these workers satisfied in their current roles? Many are on the hunt for a better salary, to better their skills or to work with a business where IT is more of a priority. Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks has commented:

“Although the majority of IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs, many also believe they should be making more money, and will take the initiative to find an employer who is willing to pay them what they’re worth in 2018,”

Tsai continues:

“Many IT professionals are also motivated to change jobs to advance their skills, particularly in cybersecurity. As data breaches and ransomware outbreaks continue to haunt businesses, IT professionals recognize there is high demand for skilled security professionals now, and in the years to come.”

The age of the respondents does seem to make a difference in this case with 36% of the people seeking new opportunities being millennials. This is as expected as older professionals may be more settled in the positions that they’re in. It is these millennials mainly who believe that they should be earning more money.

Skills has been the big focus this year and that trend will certainly carry on throughout the year ahead. Many organisations are worried about the lack of skilled workers in the industry. The report outlined the most in-demand skills with cyber security coming out on top, so much so that 81% of IT professionals said that experience in this area will be critical in 2018. However, only 19% of those questioned reported to have cyber security skills – which really does put in to perspective the worries in the industry. The other skills that will be most in demand are networking, infrastructure hardware, end-user devices, and storage and backup.


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