Skills gap causes UK organisations concern about security vulnerabilities

Almost half of UK organisations are concerned about security vulnerabilities due to potential skills gap fears. (more…)

UK companies excel at business-IT alignment

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5 tips to prepare for GDPR

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The right way to quit your IT job

Quitting a job is never a pleasant time, for many, it feels like you’re doing something wrong. In reality, it’s perfectly fine to quit your job; it’s how you go about it that matters. (more…)

Number of freelance IT professionals rose almost twice as fast as those in full-time work

A significant rise in IT contractor growth results in it outpacing the economy – and full-time employment. (more…)

How to find your next IT job

You may be an expert in what you do, but are you an expert in finding your next IT job role? In this blog article we guide you through some techniques you can use to progress your career in IT. (more…)