Cloud skills shortfall

A recent survey found that more than 70% of IT decision-makers reported a likely shortfall in technical cloud skills.

It’s fair to say that in recent years cloud has transcended into an essential IT need regardless off the scale of operation. It’s rapid development however has some organisation worried over the lack of available skills to keep up with it.

In a recent computing survey, more than 70% of IT decision-makers in medium to large organisations reported a likely shortfall in technical cloud skills. Obviously from these findings this is a feeling felt across the industry and is likely to give many organisations an uneasy feeling about the sustainability of their own cloud system.

The cloud based technical skills that appear most sought after are security and compliance / data governance. This will more than likely be amplified next year when GDP practises come in to place. Followed by these were technical architecture, keeping up with changing services and requirements, integration & application refactoring. However, it wasn’t just technical skills that were sought after, positions that come hand in hand with consistent management once cloud is adopted are also required.

It’s clear that organisations need a long-term strategy for bridging a cloud skills gap (and fast) and that strategy will need to be developing along with the new services that need supporting & the advancements of cloud technology. Not to mention the rise of enterprise mobility, requiring operations to run separately across mobile devices – requiring the need for a team to understand such a recent yet essential advancement.

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