How to become an IT manager and the skills you need

If you are an aspiring IT professional then your long term goal may be to become an IT manager but do you know how or what further skills you will need?

If you’re a professional in the IT industry we’re sure that you’ve worked under an IT manager before and asked yourself, how do I become one? Moving in to management is a logical step for many who want to further their career but unless you really understand the role it can be difficult to prepare for the skills and experience you will need to demonstrate.

What does an IT manager do?

In a nutshell, an IT manager is responsible for an organisation’s computers, servers and networks. So basically, somebody who oversees the entire operation and is tasked with it’s smooth running. This can involve ensuring staff have the correct equipment to carry out the tasks required of them and to ensure it continues to be maintained or keeping track of budgets and liaising with senior management on the status of the IT departments operation. Rather than being hands-on an IT manager will lead a team of IT professionals.

What skills do IT managers need?

An IT manager will require a diverse range of skills that they will have developed throughout their career. To become an IT manager you’ll need to have a foundation of practical knowledge, but communication and leadership abilities are also imperative. An IT manager will be able to lead, motivate & support their team whilst also balancing the business processes involved in running an organisation. We’d suggest developing these soft skills if you wish to advance to an IT manager:

  • Business process
  • Communication and coordination
  • Project management & process flow
  • Problem Solving
  • Mentoring

How to become an IT manager

Firstly you must have the correct qualifications in place, most organisations will require an IT manager to hold at least a degree in computer science or an equivalent. As well as your technical training you should supplement it with a

Business or management courses as this will help in gaining the necessary skills in management and communication. Initially you should demonstrate that you can lead a team rather than jumping into a complete management role so some experience as a team leader will greatly benefit you.

Finally, if you believe that you’re ready to take the next step in your career and advance to become an IT manager you could contact us. At BPM Tech, we form the same close relationships with jobseekers as we do with our corporate clients. Understanding your needs, values and what motivates you is vital.

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